Porvoo Old Town Guided Tour


Porvoo Old Town Guided Tour

Travelling by car for approximately 45 minutes you reach the historic town of Porvoo, which first became a shipping port during the 1300’s.  It soon was home to a bustling community of tradesmen who built a colorful wooden town around the water ways.

Today, these wooden buildings remain, under protected status but many of which are still private residences, some to the same families that founded Porvoo.  Finnish people travel to Porvoo for a day by the water, to travel by boat and stop at one of the numerous water side cafes, bars and restaurants.  It is still a bustling community during summer and a favorite in winter for collecting Christmas craft gifts.

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We can run groups of up to 8 persons.  Each excursion has a different ability to run, we can run 2-3 groups at the same time.


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