Husky Favorite Daily 12:30

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Husky Favorite Daily 12:30

Dec 2014 – 12th April 2015
Visit the home of the wonderful sled dogs and have a good go with them! This half an hour husky drive gives you an idea how great fun dog sledding is. Trail goes to the forest following uphills and downhills. Later you will meet more charming huskies in the farm and have chance to give them a big hug. Coffee and sweet hot berry juice spiced with lots of talk about huskies and sled dog races are served.Program duration in our husky farm Käpälämäki is approximately 1,5 hours. Dog sledding time is half an hour and that time does not include breaks. Distance driven within half an hour depends on the weather conditions and the skills of participants.

The pick up time is btw. 12:30-12:45 depending on the hotel location. There will be some changes in the starting times during 30th Dec – 9th Jan.

Package includes:
Return transport from Rovaniemi, winter clothing, hot beverages
Programme duration:
Total duration with return transport approximately 2hours 15min – 2, 5 hours. 




Price per adult 105€   
Price per child 4-12 yrs.   79€   




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