Night Safari with Snowmobile


Frost and calotte gourmet

Degree of difficulty – fairly easy.

The safari
We rev up our engines and speed across fields and through the wilderness until we arrive at the lean-to.
The guide kindles crackling campfires, which keep the chill winds and freezing temperatures at bay.

When the sun is going down and blue darkness of night is around us. We will get ready for our night adventure.  We will drive whit snowmobiles in the wilderness, hoping to see aurora borealis  dancing in the sky, or at least hope to see moon and the bright stars…  Guide will make fire and we will have a cup of warm drink and fry sausages.

FREE Sale should stop at 12:00 for next day departure , cancellation should be 3 days before.You can sell as much as you can sell when it is not good for operationally we will stop sale.


Duration 2-3 hours, about 25 km

131€/person/ if driving a snowmobile alone,      

90€ / person/ 2 person on snowmobile                

Sledge ride  35e/ person,                                          

Guide will have a big sledge on his snowmobile.