Please make a booking filling all fields and specify your hotel so that we can arrange the pick up transfer and contact you for more information. We will send you a confirmation of your reservation by email with your pick up transfer details.

We keep a right not to accept your booking in case of maximum participants already reached or any other force majeur reason, in that case we will contact you by email as soon as possible but latest within 24 hours.

However, we do not accept bookings later than 16 hours prior to safari start, except for Northern Lights trip on foot that can be booked 2 hours prior to the start. In case of too late booking the funds will be returned to the same account. If you want to book a safari for the same day, please call us directly on +358 16 439 148.


The rates mentioned are rates in Euros / adult. Standard rate is for minimum 2 adults. The children rates are valid for children under 15 years old on the safari day.  If you travel alone you can book any safari by minimum price that is two times standard price. If someone joins you, after the trip you will be refunded to pay only the standard price. The minimum price doesn’t apply for ‘Northern Lights trip by car and on foot’ that can be booked by standard price even for single traveler.


Payment is done by credit card number in the e-shop. You will get a payment confirmation right away.


We keep a right to cancel the program if it is needed because of the safety or weather conditions. In this case the paid funds will be fully refunded to the payer. We also keep a right to change routing of the safari or the program itself to ensure the safety or the pleasance at the safari.

In case of client’s cancellation if the cancellation comes to us as a written document earlier than one week prior to the first program 90% of the total sum will be refunded. If the cancellation comes minimum one day prior to the program 50% will be refunded, later cancellations are not refundable at all. If our subcontractor’s cancellation terms are harder than ours, their cancellation terms will be followed. The reservation will be 90% refunded in case of illness. A medical certificate needs to be sent to Carisa travel within two working days from the cancellation date to get the refund.

Travel insurance:

Please take a travel insurance that covers all your costs if you can’t travel at all or if you are in response of whatever unexpected costs during the programs. Please be prepared to pay the driver’s liability right away at a snowmobile safari if needed and ensure that your travel insurance covers the liability.

Snowmobile driving:

For snowmobile driving on public tracks you need a driving license that is valid in Finland. Almost all driving licenses from your home country are. Chinese license is not valid in Finland. If you tell us early enough that you don’t have a valid driving license we can usually offer a safari on private tracks where you don’t need a license. The driver must be anyway minimum 15 years old. In case of crash the driver is responsible for paying immediately the liability that is 900 Euros. The liability might be asked to set as guarantee funds already before the safari. Those who don’t have a valid driving license, are under influence of alcohol or anyhow unable to drive safely sit as passengers at the safari. If the snowmobile was hired from another company the liability might be higher depending on the insurance of the snowmobile. Please be prepared to pay the driver’s liability right away at a snowmobile safari if needed and ensure that your travel insurance covers the liability. Carisa travel offers insurance for local medical care if the care is needed after an accident that happened at the snowmobile safari.


The participants have to follow the briefings carefully and obey all safety instructions given by the present guide and they participate all of our safaris by their own risk.

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